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Squash Footwear

Brand: Victor Model: P9600
Size230mm-295mmOutsoleVSR RubberMidsoleFeather Resilient EVA + E-TPU + ENERGYMAX V + Carbon Power + Solid EVAUpperPU  V-Tough + Double Mesh + PU Leather..
Ex Tax:Rs.29,500.00
Brand: Victor Model: P9200
Size230mm-295mmOutsoleVSR RubberMidsoleLight Shock-Absorbing EVA+Light Resilient EVA+ENERGYMAX 3.0+TPU+Carbon PowerUpperMicrofiber PU Leather+V-Tough+Double Mesh..
Ex Tax:Rs.29,500.00
Brand: Victor Model: A830IV
Size250mm-295mmOutsoleVSR RubberMidsoleLight Resilient EVA + ENERGYMAX 3.0 + TPU + Carbon Power + Solid EVAUpperV-Tough + Double Mesh + PU Leather..
Ex Tax:Rs.25,500.00
Brand: Victor Model: THUNDER
Size220mm-295mmOutsoleRubberMidsoleResilient EVA + ENERGYMAX 3.0 + TPU + Nylon SheetUpperPU Leather + Double Mesh..
Ex Tax:Rs.19,500.00
Brand: Victor Model: VG1
Size230 / 240 / 245 / 255 / 265 / 270 / 275 / 280 / 290 / 300mmOutsoleVSR RubberMidsoleFeather Resilient EVA+ENERGYMAX VUpperV-Durable Plus+Double Mesh+ PU Leather..
Ex Tax:Rs.15,950.00
Brand: Victor Model: VG111
Size230mm-300mmOutsoleVSR RubberMidsoleEVAUpperPU Leather + Mesh..
Ex Tax:Rs.14,500.00
Brand: Victor Model: A172
Size220mm-305mmOutsoleRubberMidsoleEVA + ENERGYMAX + Nylon SheetUpperPU Leather + Mesh..
Ex Tax:Rs.11,500.00
Head Grid 3.5 Indoor Court Shoes - Dark Blue / Aqua Head Grid 3.5 Indoor Court Shoes - Dark Blue / Aqua
Out Of Stock
Brand: Head Model: 273830
The weekend is here and your comfortable GRID shoe will be by your side on the courts. Made from comfortable, flexible synthetic leather and breathable mesh materials, the shoe features an EVA midsole for great cushioning. The HEAD Hybrasion non-marking gum rubber outsole is perfect for all indoor c..
Ex Tax:Rs.9,850.00
Brand: Victor Model: A102
Size220mm - 305mmOutsoleRubberMidsoleEVA+ENERGYMAX+Nylon SheetUpperPU Leather+Mesh..
Ex Tax:Rs.9,250.00
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