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Brand: Head Model: 285303
Head Hydrosorb Pro Replacement Grip is tightly contoured and offers ultimate sweat absorption and maximum tackiness...
Ex Tax:Rs.1,190.00
Head Ultimate Tennis Grip-Black
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Brand: Head Model: 285507
No matter how tough the rallies or sweaty your hand might get, the new ULTIMATE grip ensures a comfortable and secure grip thanks to its micro-textured surface...
Ex Tax:Rs.1,100.00
Brand: Head Model: 282100
This grip combines excellent tack with great absorption and durability.SPECIFICATIONS:Thickness: 1.75 mm/0.07 inWeight: 17 g/0.6 oz..
Ex Tax:Rs.945.00
Brand: Head Model: 285014-White
This twin-channel system provides ultimate comfort and air flow, while the high-tack elastomer surface ensures a firm grip.SPECIFICATIONS:Thickness: 1.8 mm/0.07 inWeight: 23 g/0.8 oz..
Ex Tax:Rs.900.00
Brand: Head Model: 285034-Black
A soft rubber composite with a smooth tacky surface provides good absorption and keeps the racket from slipping.SPECIFICATIONS:Thickness: 1.75 mm/0.07 inWeight: 17 g/0.6 oz..
Ex Tax:Rs.850.00
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