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HEAD Ball Trolley HEAD Ball Trolley
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Brand: Head Model: 287256
Ready for an upgrade? The BALL TROLLEY is your answer. The stable trolley comes with a removable bag, which allows you to store up to 120 balls wherever you want. The trolley itself is easy to set up and take apart and (of course) store, and features wheels for super easy transportation to and on th..
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Brand: Head Model: 287251
We call it BALL BASKET WITH SEPARATOR. Coaches around the world know it as the basket that makes it super easy to reach the balls during practice, pick them up in between exercises and then store them for the next round. The basket stores up to 72 balls...
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Brand: Head Model: 287531
Quickly need to set up a smaller court or a perimeter for a fitness exercise, then take the COURT MARKS AND EDGES. The 12 marks and 4 edges are yellow and super visible while their slim plate-shape makes sure they are never in the way no matter what is going down on the court...
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Brand: Head Model: 287266
So, you are coaching a serious tournament player at 2pm and a kids group right after and you need a different set of balls? The ADDITIONAL BAG, the perfect add-on for the BALL TROLLEY, allows you to be super flexible and ready for anything. Store the HEAD ATP Balls in one bag and the T.I.P. ORANGE i..
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Brand: Head Model: 287501
Step by step. Then repeat. The AGILITY LADDER might not have the biggest fan club, but it sure does have a big impact on your fitness. Coming in a length of 750cm and a width of 50cm, the ladder will be your best and worst friend on your way to improve your condition and footwork...
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Brand: Head Model: 287571
Pick up balls comfortable with the BALL TUBE. Great fun for kids (and adults alike, admit it!)...
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Brand: Head Model: 287561
Footwork, agility, balance exercises. The possibilities are endless. The 20 DOME CONES come in 2 different colors and a convenient storage pool...
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Brand: Head Model: 287521
You want the kids to practice their serve, but cones are too much in the way of the following on-going rally? Well, take the TARGETS. These six small yellow round-shapes plates are super visible and not in the way once the rally continues. They are also great for coordination and fitness exercises o..
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Brand: Head Model: 287261
Once you put it on the court, it stays. But don't worry, this ain't duct tape. The T.I.P. lines are the super flexible, very secure and extremely easy way to set up a smaller court for kids' tennis on a full size court. The elastic lines and their easy method quickly create either 1 ITF's mid orange..
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