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Brand: Donic Model: Extreme
Product information "DONIC Xtreme"Here comes a real innovation! The DONIC XTREME is produced with a completely new type of carbon fibre with fantastic features: The so-called STC (Spread Tow Carbon) ensures outstanding stiffness and increased stability - and at the same time a significantly lighter ..
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Brand: Donic Model: Elite
Product information "DONIC Elite Carbon"Offensive players looking for a high level of penetrating power.Very powerful, fast and with excellent penetration, with great dynamics and hard, clear ball feedback.Technology: 7 plies made of abachi (core ply), aramid carbon fleece (3+5), limba (2+6) an..
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Brand: Donic Model: Orignal
Product information "DONIC Original No. 1"Dynamic attacking players that want to win points with their first topspin shotHard and fast, well balancedTechnology: 7 veneers made of ayous (core veneer), acryl-carbon (3+5), limba (2+6) and ayous (1+7, outer veneer)DONIC ORIGINAL NO 1 SENSO + NO 1The per..
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Brand: Donic Model: 100258
DONIC IMPULS TECHNOLOGYOver 30 years, DONIC has repeatedly developed innovations. This is also the case with the soft bonding process for the veneers, which gives the IMPULS blades their unique playing properties. The individual layers are glued with a special latex-epoxy adhesive film, which gives ..
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Donic Waldner World Champion OFF 89 Table Tennis Blade
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Brand: Donic Model: 110212
DONIC WORLD CHAMPION 89 - The champions´ blade seriesThree blades dedicated to the Swedish legends Jan-Ove Waldner, Jörgen Persson and Michael Appelgren.Produced exclusively for DONIC – in Germany, where the golden era of the Swedish team began in 1989 at the World Championships in Dortmund when the..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110282
THE DONIC DOTEC SYSTEM • THE HAND FLATERSA special fiber and the unique handle distinguish the woods of the DOTEC series from all others.The DOTEC fiber developed by DONIC ensures a pleasantly soft touch of the ball. The handle is curved, made entirely from one piece and covered with natural cork. T..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110291
Product information "DONIC Original True Carbon Inner"For offensive players who want to attack in a controlled mannerFast, medium-hard, controlled, sensitiveTechnology : 7 layers of Kiri (inside), Hybrid Aramid Carbon (3+5), Ayous (2+6), Koto (1+7, outside)DONIC ORIGINAL TRUE CARBON INNER - The..
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Brand: Donic Model: Dotec
Product information "DONIC DOTEC Impuls"Controlled offensive players.Excellent playing feel, fast, lightweight and excellent control.Technology: 9 plies made of balsa + Aratox carbon fibre (inner ply), balsa (4+6), koto (3+5), black gluing and fibre layer (2+8) and yaya (1+9, outer ply)The DONIC DOT..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110209
In close cooperation with the "Mozart of table tennis", DONIC has a faster version of the WALDNER CARBON WOOD developed.A light carbon blade with an excellent feel for the ball - thanks to the different hardness of the inside and outside veneers, this blade conveys a very special feeling.KEY FEATURE..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110269
With the power of the VolcanoThe advantages of the proven DOTEC technology combined with the innovation CBF: This resulted in blades with an extremely good feel and excellent ball feedback.With the CBF technology, a synthetic fiber obtained from volcanic rock is used for bonding, which, depending on..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110242
DONIC BALSA CARBO LINEBalsa wood is known for its light weight and soft properties, while carbon is known for its rigidity and stability. When these materials are combined, the result is incredible:The combination of balsa and carbon minimizes the weight of the blade, enables powerful and controlled..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110292
Product information "DONIC Balsa Carbo Certran Fibre"Particularly recommended for uncompromising offensive players who play hard shots, in combination with soft rubbersExtremely light, very hard and extremely fastTechnology : 7 layers of balsa (inside, 4 mm), Limba (3+5), Certran Carbon (2+ 6),..
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Brand: Donic Model: Legend
Product information "DONIC Waldner Legend Carbon"For offensive players that play close to the table with lots of power.Very fast, hard, lightweight and controlled.Technology: 5 plies made of kiri (core ply), carbon (2+4) and kiso hinoki (1+5, outer ply).THE RACE CARFast offensive blade with a l..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110227
THE MISSILEExtremely fast carbon blade with a thick core veneer and a high quality hinoki outer veneer. Fun play at top speed.KEY FEATUTESFor aggressive offensive players that are always on the attack.Extremely fast, very hard, but with relatively good control.Technology: 5 plies made of kiri (core ..
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Brand: Donic Model: Offensive
Product information "DONIC Classic Offensive"The DONIC CLASSIC OFFENSIVE is very similar to the CLASSIC POWER ALLROUND. The decisive difference: With this offensive table tennis blade, the new textile fibre (flax cloth BF3) forms the core, which is covered by two layers of ayous on each side. The re..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110224
The Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon 8-ply is the original blade used by Ovtcharov himself during his rise to the top of the table tennis elite. The core of this blade is a unique formation of two Ayous plies treated and glued at high temperature and under great pressure. It is then cooled and prepared ..
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Brand: Donic Model: Dotec
Product information "DONIC "Waldner Dotec AR""Offensive allround players and controlled offensive players.Lightweight, relatively hard and fast, with an incredible feel.Technology: 7 plies made of DOTEC balsa (inner ply, 5 mm), limba (3+5), DOTEC fibre (2+6) and limba (1+7, outer ply)The DONIC DOTEC..
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Brand: Donic Model: 100209
A MIGHTY WEAPONAn ultra-fast blade for unconditional attackers! The basis is the former PERSSON POWERSPEED, into which two additional carbon layers have been integrated. For everyone who sets for the highest speed. Precise ball feedback thanks to the SENSO V1 cavity in the h..
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Brand: Donic Model: senso
Product information "DONIC Original Senso V1"For Aggressive offensive players looking to score points with powerful shots.Fast, dynamic and powerfulTechnology:7 veneers made of abachi (core veneer), abachi (3+5), koto (2+6) and walnut (1+7, outer veneer)A blade designed for dynamic attacking strokes..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110274
THE DONIC EPOX SYSTEM: EVERY BLADE IS UNIQUEThe blades in the DONIC EPOX series are not glued with a liquid glue, but with an adhesive film made of epoxy resin. During the gluing process, the veneers are pressed together and heated for 20 minutes. This causes the epoxy film to liquefy and firmly bon..
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Brand: Donic Model: 100226
ALL YOU NEED IS POWERThe blade of the Swedish world champion, one of the first power all-round blades , has been a hit for many years. Available in the versions normal, Senso V1 and V2 as well as Junior (narrower concave handle, smaller club face). A special feature of ..
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Brand: Donic Model: persson
Product information "DONIC Persson Powerallround Senso V1"For allround players that like to attack.Very good control, lightweight, fast.Technology: 5 veneers made of abachi (core veneer), red abachi (2+4) and limba (1+5, outer veneer). Senso V1 technology.ALL YOU NEED IS POWERThe blade of the S..
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Brand: Donic Model: 100227
Classic Swedish all-round wood, but thanks to the slightly thicker inner veneer and with a total thickness of approx. 5.8 mm, significantly faster than ordinary all-round woods with fantastic control!KEY FEATURESFor controlled offensive and power all-round players.Very dynamic and aggressive, contro..
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Brand: Donic Model: 100201
THE CLASSICSThe classic allround blade – and the best-selling DONIC blade.With an excellent feel and optimum ball control – just like Mikael Appelgren – who became a three-time European Champion in men’s singles and World Champion in men’s teams using this blade.Available in normal, Senso V1 and V2 ..
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Brand: Donic Model: 110231
STRIKE AT THE RIGHT MOMENTAttack, but not at all costs. The WALDNER EXCLUSIVE AR+ is a good choice for anyone who follows this motto.HIGH QUALITY AT GREAT VALUEHarmonious playing characteristics and excellent control thanks to the special combination of veneers: The EXCLUSIVE blades are available in..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,750.00
Brand: Donic Model: 110232
HIGH QUALITY AT GREAT VALUEThe relatively hard combination of veneers gives this blade lots of power for fast topspins and hard shots.Harmonious playing characteristics and excellent control thanks to the special combination of veneers: The EXCLUSIVE blades are available in four different speed vers..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,750.00
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