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Brand: Donic Model: 269
THE BLUE MENACEA significantly thinner topsheet that is under a higher level of tension provides extra space for a thicker sponge, which allows for even more power.The thickest version is called max+ because it is slightly thicker than the sponge used on the traditional Max versions.The Bluestorm of..
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Brand: Donic Model: 297
THE BLUE MIRACLEOur iconic blue tension sponge combined with an extremely spinny topsheet.This innovative combination results in a high-tech rubber generation. The topsheet, with its narrow and long pimple structure, gives the rubber maximum flexibility and a sensational feel.Especially when playing..
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Brand: Donic Model: 291
Maximum speed and spin.Compared to its predecessors, the new COPPA series will produce more spin and a higher arc at maximum speed. COPPA X1 Turbo is especially suitable for topspin away from the table.In common with all the new rubbers in the FD3 series COPPA X1 Turbo will ensure that your game is ..
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Brand: Donic Model: 270
THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDSOne year ago, DONIC introduced something completely new to the market with the BlueGrip V1 and R1, and this form of rubber technology has amassed a large fan base since its introduction.The best of both worlds in one rubber: The DONIC BlueGrip has a tacky, Chinese-style topshe..
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Brand: Donic Model: 210
THE GLOBAL SUCCESSThe ACUDA series has been a global success for many years. Incredibly dynamic properties, excellent precision and a fantastic playing feel have made the ACUDA series the best-selling series of rubbers in the world. When you play with an ACUDA, you will know why.DONIC has expanded i..
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Brand: Donic Model: 225
THE CLASSICS20 years ago, DONIC introduced a true innovation with the DESTO, which many players still love to this day. The first rubber designed with the DONIC Formula made the practice of speed gluing – which was commonplace at that time – superfluous and heralded a new era.And with the DONIC DEST..
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Brand: Donic Model: 201
THE FLEXIBLE ALLROUNDERFor more than 30 years the VARIO series has been firmly established among table tennis rubbers.As the name suggests, the VARIO rubbers are incredibly versatile: Depending on sponge hardness they can be used for any playing style. Not only are they incredibly flexible, they are..
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Donic Alligator Anti Table Tennis Rubber
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Brand: Donic Model: 244
Pimples-out rubbers can also be useful in today’s game. They make it easier to control the ball when playing returns, give the ball a disruptive effect depending on the length of the pimples, and in combination with a pimples-in rubber on the other side of the blade, they make it possible to change ..
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